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Social Responsiveness committee

The committee is headed by Prof Petrus de Vries and members are pictured below. The committee members have varying portfolios with the aim to have SR underpinning all. Marc Roffey and Kirsten Reid coordinate the social responsiveness forums and academic lectures. Claudia de Clercq, Rasmita Ori and Lisa Dannatt coordinate CPD events. The departmental website is coordinated by John-Joe Dawson-Squibb and Deirdre Pieterse, while Toni Abrahams and Delcia Leideman-Prosch coordinate and edit the departmental newsletter and SAJP contributions. Coordination and communication with Non Governmental Organisations is done by Nasera Cader-Mokoa while media liaison is done by John Parker and Bradly Knight.

From L to R: John-Joe Dawson-Squibb, Marc Roffey, Nasera Cader-Mokoa, Bradley Knight, Claudia de Clercq, Petrus de Vries, Deirdre Pieterse, Kirsten Reid, Delcia Liedeman-Prosch, Terri Henderson, Toni Abrahams, Lisa Dannatt, John Parker