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Staff Senior Lecturers/Senior Specialists

Senior Lecturers/Senior Specialists:

Sean Baumann, MBChB UCT, MRC(Psych) London
Qhama Cossie, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Claudia De Clerq, MBChB Pret, FC(Psych) SA
Nyameka Dyakalashe, MBChB WSU, FC(Psych) SA
Papani Gasela, MBChB, UCT FC (Psych) SA, Cert Child & Adolescent Psychiatry(SA)
Andrew Hooper, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Neiil Horn, MBChB UCT, MRC(Psych) UK, PG Dip(Cog Ther) Manchester
Mariam Karjiker, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Ian Lewis, BSc UCT, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
John Parker, MBBCh Witwatersrand, FC(Psych) SA
Fiona Schulte, MD (Germany), FC (Psych) SA, Cert Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (SA), Dipl(Therapeutic communication with children) Tavistock Clinic, East London
Peter Smith, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Henk Temmingh
, MBChB MMed (Psych) Stell, FC(Psych) SA,MPH(Clin Research) UCT
Tania Timmermans, MBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Faadiel WilliamsMBChB UCT, FC(Psych) SA
Peter Williams-Ashman, MBBCh Witwatersrand, FC(Psych) SA