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Lunchtime lectures

Lunchtime Lecture

24th August
Departmental Research Day
Title: Ethics in Mental Health Research
Speakers: Marc Blockman, Jantina De Vries, Olivia Matshabane
Venue: Zoom 
Programme overview

25th June
Transformation Symposium
Title: History Matters. A Symposium Exploring the Impact of Historical Racial Legacies on the Functioning of Institutions

Symposium overview and programme
Recording of Symposium on YouTube Part 1 and Part 2

15th June
Speakers: Lisa Dannatt, Florencia Manns Fuenzalida, Vincent Zishiri
Title: Drug use prevention and harm reduction among youth through peer-to-peer education

Short Bio and programme
Available on Youtube here


Loren Leclezio Lecture
Tuesday, 1st June
Speaker: Lionel Green-Thompson
Title: To whom shall we account
Available on Youtube here

Deans | University of Cape Town

Tuesday, 25th May
Speaker: Ingrid Daniels (CEO of Cape Mental Health)
Title: Social welfare consequences of the COVID -19 pandemic and its impact on    communities – finding some solutions
Available on Youtube here

Ingrid Daniels | The World Dignity Project

Short bio and abstract

Tuesday, 13 April
Speaker: Prof Michael Berk
Title: Prevention of depression
Available on youtube here 

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Short bio and abstract


Tuesday, 9th March (on Zoom)
Speaker: Dr Tahilia Rebello
Title: Update on ICD-11
Available on YouTube here


Tuesday, 2nd March (on Zoom)
Speaker: Emeritus Prof Colleen Adnams
Title: Intellectual and Developmental Disability: a current international outlook


Tuesday, 23rd February (on Zoom)
Speaker: Prof Katherine Sorsdahl and Dr Claire van der Westhuizen
Title: Capacity building in the Alan J. Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health: Our Past, Present & Future

Katherine Sorsdahl - Associate Professor - University of Cape Town |  LinkedIn People – Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health


Tuesday, 9th February (on Zoom)
Speaker: Prof Heather Zar
Title: Vaccines for Covid-19
Recorded talk available here

Heather Zar named 2018 Woman in Science Laureate - UCT Lung Institute

Tuesday, 2nd February (on Zoom)
Speaker: Dr Sumaya Mall
Title: Analysis of Traumatic Events (TE) in Rural South Africa: intersections of epidemiology and community based research
Venue: Zoom
Short bio and talk overview
Recorded session on Youtube

3rd November 2020 
Alan J Flisher Memorial Lecture

Speaker: Inge Petersen
Topic: Implementing and scaling up integrated primary mental health care in the real world: Experiences from the frontlines

Lecture overview and short bio

10th October 2020
Venue:  FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube or TikTok (no registration required)

Speaker: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (WHO Director General) and others
Online global advocacy event on mental health
Event details

6th October 2020
Mental Health Month Conference
Speaker: Professor Anthony Pillay, Sean Kaliski, Mo Nagdee, Evah Mulutsi, Peter Smith, Sarah Ntaka, Justice VC Saldanah 
Topic: Legal and Ethical concerns regarding people with Intellectual Disability and the law

Conference overview 

1st September 2020
Speaker: Sean Baumann
Topic: Madness: Stories of uncertainty and hope
Short bio
 and talk overview 

11th August 2020
Speakers: Bronwyn Myers & Lisa Dannatt
Topic: COVID-19 and The Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, International and Local Perspectives
Short bio
s and talk overview

Social Responsiveness lecture
4th August 2020 (on Zoom)

Speaker: Janet Giddy
Topic: The 'unprecedented' pandemic - collateral damage
Short bio
 and talk overview
Recorded webinar here

21st July 2020 (on Zoom)
Speaker: Nasera Cader-Makoa
Topic: Telehealth/telepsychology - psychotherapy during and after COVID-19
Short bio

2nd June 2020 (on Zoom)
Topic: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’? Ethical Dilemmas in Disseminating Participatory Research with Girls in the Context of Sexual Violence in Rural Communities
Speaker: Relebohile Molesane

Overview and short bio

5th May 2020 (on Zoom)
Topic: South African Child Gauge 2019
Speaker: Lori Lake
Overview and short bio
Recorded webinar here

14th April 2020
Mental Health Aspects of the Covid-19 Crisis in Africa
Free Webinar, hosted by AMARI & the Alan J. Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health

Recorded webinar here

17th March 2020
Speaker: Cole Goldberg
Topic: Life's about choices, exploring the everyday occupational choices of young adults with intellectual disability in a community context of South Africa

Due to Covid-19 restrictions this talk was also available live on Zoom
Please click here for further details

Talk summary and short bio

3rd March 2020
Social Responsiveness lecture
Speaker: David Rosenstein
Topic: Introduction to CBT & Exposure Therapy and the Future of CBT and EBT

Talk summary and short bio


25th February 2020
Speaker: Asa Hammer
Topic: Impaired Memory after ECT - true or false?

Talk summary and short bio

Image result for prof asa hammar neuropsychology


5th November 2019
Alan Flisher Memorial Lecture
Speaker: Dixon Chibanda 
Topic: The journey of the Friendship Bench: A move from research to implementation

Talk details and overview


17th September 2019
Social Responsiveness Event 
Topic: Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction Event Agenda
Event Speakers Biographies


10th September 2019
Speaker: Prof Dan Stein
Topic: Are we making progress
in Psychiatric Science?


20th August 2019
Topic: Diverse models of success in academia
Speaker: Mariam Karjiker


6th August 2019
Social Responsiveness Lecture
Child death reviews -
A multiagency approach to strengthen
healthcare and protection for
Speaker: Prof Shanaaz Mathews

Overview of talk and short bio

Image result for shanaaz mathews

11th June 2019
Department Annual Research Day
Topic: 'Research Stories'

Research Day Programme

4th June 2019
Social Responsiveness Lecture

Topic: Revolutionising OT practice towards contextual relevance
Speaker: Prof Roshan Galvan and Ms Liesl Peters

Brief bio and talk overview

28th May 2019
The Loren Leclezio Memorial Lecture

Topic: Socially responsive research
and care from the perspective
of the orthopedagogy
Speaker: Prof Maretha de Jonge

Brief bio and talk overview

23rd April 2019
Social Responsiveness Event

Topic: Bridging gaps between
mental health services and client
outcomes in India:
The challenge of access
Speaker: Tony Sam George

Brief bio and talk overview


9th April 2019

Topic: On my mind
Speaker: John Parker

Brief bio and talk overview


19th March 2019
Social Responsiveness Event
Caring for Carers of Persons with Intellectual Disability
Event Invite and Programme

12th March 2019
Speaker: Prof Stephen Rollnick
Topic: Motivational interviewing in practice:
Substance Use Disorders, HIV and Mental Health 

Short bio and talk summary

5th March

Speaker: Prof Laila Asmai
Topic: Rigidity, resilience and the self:lessons I've learnt from Schizophrenia

Short bio and talk summary

5th February 2019

Speaker: Prof Christer Allgulander
Topic: Telepsychiatry/Video-consultation in psychiatry - pro's and con's

Short bio of speaker


2018 Roster of Social Responsiveness lectures

Alan J. Flisher Memorial Lecture

4th December

Speaker: Prof Pim Cuijpers

Topic: Medication or Psychotherapy in the
treatment of depression? Current evidence
and public health implications


4th December

Speaker: Dr Adam Carrico 

Topic: Targeting Neuroimmune Processes in
Co-Occuring Methaphetamine Use and HIV

Venue: Education Building, Valkenberg Hospital

Talk summary


6th November

Speaker: Prof Lies Korevaar

Topic: Supported education for student with psychosocial disabilities

Venue: Education Building, Valkenberg Hospital

Talk summary


28th August

Speaker: Dr Jason Bantjes

Topic: Traditional healer talk about suicide and suicide prevention in South Africa

Short bio and summary


21st August

Speaker: Katherine Sorsdahl, Bronwyn Myers, Tracey Naledi

Topic: 'It's everyone's responsibility' - Integrating Mental Health Counselling into Chronic Disease Services 

Short bio and talk summary


14th August

Speaker: Tania Swart

Topic: Attachment styles in forensic populations and risk of recidivism

Short bio and summary


7th August

Speaker: Prof Jennifer Hawkins

Affect and Problems Assessing Decisional Capacity

Talk summary and bio


24th July 2018

Topic: Mental Health Advocacy Training

Workshop flyer and short description


29th May 2018

The Loren Leclezio Lecture

Topic: From Bench to Bedside to Bonteheuwel
– a journey with tuberous sclerosis-associated 
neuropsychiatric disorders (TAND)

Speaker: Prof Petrus de Vries

Lecture summary

22nd May 2018

Topic: The Therapeutic Alliance with Suicidal Patients 

Speaker: Mark J Goldblatt

Lecture summary


6th March 2018

Speaker: Dr Gosia Lipinska

Title: Do sleep difficulties in PTSD
contribute to memory disruption
and emotional dysregulation?

Short summary and bio



2017 Lunchtime Lecture Timetable


28th November 2017

Title: HIV related stigma and discrimination
in South Africa: Theory, research and practice

Speaker: Prof. L Simbayi 

Short biography


21st November 2017 

Title: Social media and the health care worker

Speaker: Prof Willie Pienaar

Talk abstract and short bio


14th November 2017 

Title: Psychosocial predictors of
symptoms of depression in a sample
of South African women diagnosed
with endometriosis

Speaker: Rizwana Roomaney

Talk abstract and short bio

6th November 2017 

Title: Madness in the movies

Speaker: Dr Dave Swingler 

Talk abstract and short bio


12th September 2017 

Speaker: Dr Samantha Brooks

Title: Repeat after me: working memory,
prediction and the emergence of transient
cognitive control in anorexia nervosa, versus
substance use disorder for the benefit of
therapeutic intervention

Talk summary and short bio


29th August 2017 

Speaker: Katherine Sorsdahl & Marinda Roelofse

Title: The Teachable Moment Programme:
The Road from Research to Implementation

Talk summary and short bio


22nd August 2017

Speaker: Jackie Hoare & Nicole Phillips

Title: The Cape Town Adolescent Antiretroviral Cohort (CTACC):
Mental health, cognition and neuroimagingfindings
iin HIV infected adolescents

Talk summary and short bio

15th August 2017

Departmental lecture: Division of Addiction 

Speaker: Dr Henk Temmingh

Title: 'Addiction and psychosis: Epistemology, diagnosis and aspects
of treatment - preliminary findings from four studies conducted at
Valkenberg and further afield'

Short Biography and abstract


27th June 2017

Speaker: Shareefa Dalvie

Title: The Genetics of Trauma

Talk summary and biography


20th June 2017

Speaker: Bunmi Olatunji

Title: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Talk summary and biography


13th June 2017

Speaker: Dr Mark Huthwaite

Title: Redefining Post Natal Depression

Talk summary and biography


6th June 2017

Speaker: Dr Samantha Brooks

Title: Repeat after me: working memory, prediction and the emergence
of transient cognitive control in anorexia nervosa vs substance use disorder
for the benefit of therapeutic intervention

Talk summary and bio


30th May 2017

Speaker: Dr John Parker

Title: Climate change and mental health in South Africa - What can we expect?
What can we do?

Talk summary and bio



23rd May 2017

Speaker: Catherine Ward & Inge Wessels 

Title: Implementing parenting programmes for violence prevention
in low- and middle income countries: the case of the
Sinovuyo Caring Families Programme for parents of children aged 2-9

Abstract and short bio


9th May 2017

Speaker: Dr Joanne Keikelame 

Title: Traditional healers and epilepsy

Short biography


25th April 2017

Speaker: Julian Leff

Title: Film on Schizophrenia

Overview and short bio


4th April 2017

Speaker: Joe Starke 

Title: Mindfulness 

Abstract and short bio


28th March 2017

Speaker: Tuviah Zabow

Title: Ethical and Legal issues of Psychiatry and the Media

Abstract and short biography 


7th March 2017

Speaker: Prof Crick Lund

Title: Outcomes of the AFFIRM South African Trial

Short Biography



28th February 2017

Speaker: Abdul Kader Domingo

Title: An update on Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System

Short abstract and biography


21st February 2017

Title: Psychiatry in SA: Lessons for the Globe

Speaker: Prof Dan Stein

Venue: Valkenberg Hospital, Auditorium Education Centre

Abstract and Biography


14th February 2017

Speaker: Dr Lena Jelinek 

Title: Metacognitive training: Administration and new results

Short biography and abstract


7th February 2017

Speaker: Dr Simon Howells

Title: Wie's tjy en waarvan kom tjy:
Gangsterism in the post-apartheid milieu

Short biography & summary


22 November 2016

Speaker: Prof Oye Gureje 

Annual Alan J Flisher Memorial Lecture



1 November 2016

Speaker: Prof Steven Shoptaw 

Title: Novel medication for substance use disorders



18 October 2016

Speaker: Fleur Howells

Title: Understanding and managing academic bullying

Biography and summary

11 October 2016

Divisional Presentation: Psychotherapy

Speaker: Beverly Dickman

Title: Ethics in Psychotherapy

Short Biography


27 September 2016

Divisional Presentation: Neuropsychiatry

Speakers: Lena Andersen, Adele Marais, 
Corne Robertson

Title: Psycho-therapy research in the HIV
Mental Health Research Unit

Short summary


20 September 2016

Town Hall Meeting

Facilitators: Dan Stein, Sharon Kleintjes,
John Parker

Title: Transformation Conversations in the
Dept. of Psychiatry and Mental Health:
Next Steps


13 September 2016

Speaker: Jennifer Creek (international speaker)

Title: Professional reasoning: applications in 
mental health practices



6 September 2016

Speaker: Beth Engelbrecht

Title: The vision for mental health



30 August 2016

Speaker: Gabriella Kelly

Title: Contested notions of disablement and
deservingness in disability grant assessment in SA



23 August 2016

Speaker: Dr Mike West

Title: Ayahuasca: The Spirit Vine

Abstract and Biography


2 August 2016

Speaker: Dr Ashley Robbins

Title: Reflections on my 51 years in clinical psycho-pharmacology



26 July 2016

Divisional Presentation: Public Mental Health

Speaker: Dr Faadiel Williams

Title Update and reflections from the
Division of Public Mental Health


Speaker: Prof Crick Lund

Title: Findings from the Emerald study

Brief abstract and biographies


19 July 2016

Speaker: Juliana Claassens

Title: Resisting the Violence of Rape: The Role of Biblical Rape
Narratives in Transforming a Rape Culture

Abstract and biography


28 June 2016

Speaker: Dr Gary Collins

Title: New York court mandated outpatient behavioural treatment

Abstract and biography


14 June 2016

DIVISIONAL PRESENTATION: Intellectual Disability

Speaker: Charlotte Capri

Title: Residents’ voices raise implications for ethics of care
on adult psychiatric intellectual disability wards

Abstract and biography


7 June 2016

Speaker: Michael Onah

Title: Perinatal suicidal ideation and behaviour: Psychiatry
and adversity

Abstract and biography


31 May 2016

Speaker: Sean Kaliski

Title: The Psychopath in SA: From Antihero to Zero

Short Biography


24 May 2016


Speaker: Deirdre Pieterse

Title: Scars run deep: A review of factitious disorder

Abstract and biography


17 May 2016 

Speaker: Amanda Kottler

Title: The psychology of being human:
Kohut's twinship studies

Abstract and biography


10 May 2016

Speaker: Prof Rob Kaplan

Title: Encephalitis Lethargica: Natures dangerous experiment

Abstract and biography

Image result for prof robert kaplan forensic


26 April 2016

Speaker: Dr Eileen Thomas

Title: Frozen - just let it go - a case discussion of pelvic
inflammatory disease and chronic pain

Abstract and biography


19 April 2016

Divisional Presentation: Addictions

Speaker: Dr Lisa Dannatt

Title: Defeating the Dragon: experiences from an
Opiate Substitution Treatment Service

Abstract and biography


Speaker: Dr Henk Temmingh

​Title: Psychosis and addiction moving from
evidence-synthesis to service development



12 April 2016

Speaker: Dr Taryn van Niekerk

Title: Social Representations of intimate partner violence and gender 
in Cape Town

Abstract and biography


5 April 2016

Speaker: A/Prof Sally Swartz

Title: Homeless Wanderers: Movement and Mental Illness
in the Cape Colony in the nineteenth Century

Abstract & biography


22 March 2016

Speaker: Professor Perminder Sachdev .

Title: Can we prevent dementia? Examining the evidence

Abstract & Biography: